Mortgage Life Insurance

Protect your home for your family with affordable mortgage life insurance plans

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Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage Life Insurance
Borrower-Paid Mortgage Insurance (BPMI) – Monthly Premiums
This is a cancellable policy that cash-out allows you to combine your monthly insurance payments with your MI premiums.
Borrower-Paid Mortgage Insurance –
Single Premiums
If you are considering being on a budget, this is the plan for you. You get to pay minimum monthly premiums.
Borrower-Paid Mortgage Insurance –
Split Premium
Get a very flexible payment plan with several payment options to choose from. Payment can easily be made with this plan.
Lender-Paid Mortgage Insurance –
Single Premium
Minimize monthly payments with this lender-paid plan. Pay very little premiums monthly.

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You worked hard to buy your home to make sure your family is comfortable. Now protect it for your family with affordable mortgage life insurance plans that can help keep your home for your family if the unexpected happens.

Why choose Daumier Financial Services?

No Medical Exam

Your health needs are secured with the exact coverage you need under this policy. No Medical examinations in the majority of cases.

Lower Rates For All

Secure your life and family with the best rates that we have. Your family deserves protection.

All Ages Accepted

We cover people from the ages of 15 weeks old (yes even babies are covered) to 85 years old. There is nothing stopping you from having an insurance cover.

Easy Online Application

Application made very simple and easy. Get fast approval after applying and receive your policy as soon as possible.

Assured Life Insurance

Comprehensive coverage, even non-Canadian residents can get up to $25,000 in insurance cover.

Fast Processing of Claims

We provide you with the best of service by responding quickly to your claim requests.


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